Monday, 7 June 2021

Aussie electric Copterpack makes sensational first manned flight


A green alternative to the humble kerosene-burning jetpack?

Recently released video shows an Australian man rising high off the ground using a two-rotor electric personal flight device he calls the Copterpack. It's bulky, but looks surprisingly stable and controllable.

In construction, it's closer to the New Zealand-built Martin jetpack than the JetCat turbine-powered devices flown by the big four personal flight pioneers – Yves RossyDavid MaymanFranky ZapataRichard Browning – we've been covering closely over the last decade.

It uses just two rotors, but fairly large ones with diameters around 3 ft (~90 cm). These connect via what appear to be carbon fiber tubes to a rigid-framed backpack with some underslung battery packs and a pair of flat armrests with hand controls on them.

Where drones with four or more rotors are able to self-stabilize and achieve control authority simply by varying the speeds of their fixed rotors, this two-rotor arrangement does it by twisting its rotors to vector the thrust.

Looking stable and controlled, the pilot takes the Copterpack up to an impressive height

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