Tuesday, 4 September 2018

5 Ways Faith Can Heal the Body


Recent research indicates that having faith and attending a church service weekly is good for the mind and body. Attending religious services could boost the immune system, and help improve moods among those depressed. Among those who attended religious services where the elderly and had better health. This could be from attending church services, less social isolation, and finding peace of mind. This topic is remains provocative, but there is a growing body of research from Harvard and Yeshiva University that faith plays a role in our health, happiness and well-being.

Do you know the feel when you are at true peace? Faith, prayer or meditation can take us to this relaxed state. Faith does the same thing to our minds by giving us peace that we don’t have to be in control. This allows the body to go into a more restful state where it can ward off infections better. Stress depletes the body of vitamins, and lowers the immune system, so use your faith and hope to aid healing process.

Heart Conditions Improved
People with heart conditions who prayed more were reported to heal quicker than those who didn’t pray.
Time Magazine did a piece on the “Biology of Religion” in 2009 that looked at meditation, prayer, and faith. A “1988 study by cardiologist Randolph Byrd of San Francisco General Hospital found that heart patients who were prayed for fared better than those who were not.”

Scripture can benefit your health when confessing God’s word regarding healing, as it ushers in hope and encouragement. Without hope we perish, and become sicker physically and mentally.
Dale Archer, M.D. wrote about the power of hope in Psychology Today.
“It did not take long to realize that my primary responsibility was to turn the victim mindset into a survivor mindset, and that meant restoring or instilling hope. To have hope is to empower yourself in order to face the toughest of times and emerge a survivor.”
Thankfulness boosts the immune system that combats sickness and encourages the body to heal itself. Gratitude also gets your mind off yourself, and allows you to focus on the good. This gives us a solid foundation when facing sickness.

Brain Injuries and Faith
Wayne State University found that there was a correlation between people suffering from brain injuries and faith. People who held a religious belief, and were connected to a higher power had a better success rate in physical therapy, and were less depressed. “Among healthy adults, religion and spirituality have shown strong association with improved life satisfaction and physical and mental health outcomes,” Dr. Brigid Waldron-Perrine said who conducted the study on 2011 with professor of psychology Lisa J. Rapport.

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