Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Man accused of raping and killing girl, 8, ‘beaten to death by women in India’

Man accused of raping and killing girl, 8, 'beaten to death by women in India'
                                                         (Picture: SWNS/Newslions)

A man accused of raping and killing an eight-year-old girl in a village in India was tied up and beaten to death with large sticks by several women. 

The man, named as Mithun Hansda, died near the city of Dumka, Jharkhand, after he was beaten by a group of locals, according to Prabhat Khabar.
The eight-year-old had been attending a wedding in Jalwe village when she and a few other girls went to a nearby lake to bathe.

Hansda allegedly abducted the girl, raped her and killed her before leaving her body next to the river bank.
Footage of the revenge attack shows three women surrounding Hansda, who has his hands behind his back.
He is dragged across the ground with a long rope and the women then use the sticks to beat him.

Other women and children can be seen looking on as the women take it in turns to beat Hansda, who doesn’t appear to be fighting back

The beating only ends when a police officer turns up and speaks to the crowd as the alleged rapist lies nearby. He was then taken into custody where he later died.
Deputy superintendent Roshan Gudiya said: ‘We have taken the body in our custody, but so far it is not confirmed that the girl [was] raped or not.’

Video of the women taking revenge was uploaded to LiveLeak where it has been watched more than 23,000 times.
The number of reported rapes in India continues to rise, with there being 34,000 cases reported in 2015 alone.
The most infamous case to date is the rape of intern Jyoti Singh, who was brutally attacked on a bus by six men. She survived the attack but died two weeks later from internal injuries.

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