Wednesday, 5 July 2017

200 diggers demolish a flyover in just eight hours in China

Amazing footage shows hundreds of diggers remove flyover in single night
                                                                           (Picture: Rex)

Video footage shows how more than 200 diggers worked together to demolish an overpass in a single night.
The huge machines lined up on either side of the road, and steadily removed the concrete and tarmac to make way for a new road network in Nanchang City, China.
With the headlights bright against the darkness and fireworks going off, the whole thing has an ethereal vibe that we wouldn’t usually expect from a construction video.

The excavators were lined up side by side opposite each other on the Longwangmiao Overpass in scenes that look like something from the Transformers films.
Crowds of people gathered to watch the spectacle of the huge machines working simultaneously

Luo Yi, from the operating Nanchang Urban Construction Investment Company said the mass demolition was one of the safest ways of doing the job.
He said: ‘We decided to demolish it with machines because Hongdu Road is in the city center. It would endanger the surrounding areas if we blasted it.’
The work will carry on for around another twenty days.

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