Monday, 12 December 2016

London to New York in 11 minutes!

The futuristic aircraft was designed by Charles Bombardier.   

The futuristic aircraft was designed by Charles Bombardier.(Independent UK)

The Antipode is a supersonic business aircraft concept capable of reaching 16,000 mph. It uses counter flowing jets of air on its leading edges to reduce heat and the sonic shockwave. During time-sensitive crises, it would transport highly ranked officials across the globe in a matter of hours.In today's world of on-demand services and non-stop connectivity, a seven-hour flight across the Atlantic can feel interminable.
But a new design for a luxury business jet could get you from London to New York in 11 minutes – and from New York to Sydney in half an hour.
The Antipode is a 10-seater aircraft that would be able to travel at 12,427 miles per hour.
The concept is classed as Mach 24 – which means it travels 24 times faster than the speed of sound, 12 times faster than Concorde and one Mach number below re-entry speed.

Charles Bombardier, the Canadian inventor, released a concept design last year for the Skreemr, a jet that would be able to fly at Mach 10.
Travelling at 7,673 miles per hour, the 75-seater Skreemr would get from the UK to the east coast the US in around 30 minutes.
 (text courtesy of the telegraph)

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