Tuesday 24 May 2022

Rolls-Royce presents second Boat Tail, world's most expensive new car


Rolls-Royce had one of the most memorable showings at last year's postponed Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, where it premiered its first Boat Tail, a bespoke creation that handily tops the list of world's most expensive new cars at a reported $28 million. How do you follow up such a monumental appearance at the next Concorso? By debuting another Boat Tail, the second in a series limited to just three cars. This model arrives as a whisky-tinged cigar, complete with walnut decks, rose gold accents and a built-in picnic area.

The latest creation of Rolls' Coachbuild program becomes one of only three Boat Tails that Rolls-Royce plans to ever make. And when you're selling them for close to $30 million apiece, you can afford to keep production numbers far removed from serial. With visions of early 20th century racing yachts in mind, Rolls-Royce hand-builds the bespoke body out of sheets of aluminum.

This particular Boat Tail was commissioned by a businessman whose family fortune is rooted in his father's success in the pearling industry. The Boat Tail serves as both an homage to this family heritage and a piece of functional modern art.

The project began with a series of four pearl shells from the client's collection, inspiring the unique color. Rolls-Royce calls it one of the most complex bespoke colors it has created, and it starts with a foundation of oyster and soft rose embellished with large white and bronze mica flakes that add a unique pearlescent effect that changes subtly in different light conditions.

The darker hood and rear deck both contrast with the base paint. The hood is painted a bespoke cognac-shaded blend that incorporates bronze and gold aluminum mica flakes and includes a layer of crystal and iced matt clear coat. The winged rear deck lids, meanwhile, are crafted from Royal Walnut wood veneers with inlaid rose gold pinstripes that create a look similar to yacht decking. These front and rear contrast elements are connected by a matching soft-top.

Each of the two split trunk compartments houses components of an integrated picnic in the park, including flatware colored to match the car and dishes with matching accents. The build also includes an umbrella that mounts on the rear deck to offer shade from the sun.

The interior continues the unique look of the exterior, complete with walnut veneers, cognac and oyster-colored leathers, and rose gold and mother-of-pearl accents throughout. The highlight is the classic timepiece in the center of the dashboard, made from mother-of-pearl sourced from the client's collection, a precious material that also finds use in the analog gauges.

The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail II made its world debut on the shores of Lake Como, Italy over the weekend and will find its home in the buyer's private car collection museum.

Source: Rolls-Royce

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