Saturday 12 March 2022

Why Coronavirus is a Reminder to Embrace Uncertainty


“The highest aim of any spiritual path is letting go, trusting

that at the level of spirit, everything is always unfolding perfectly. Embrace uncertainty and cherish it as tenderly as a newborn baby.” ~ Deepak Chopra

I feel Deepak’s Chopra’s message is relevant to all humanity right now as we are gripped by collective fear and panic over another virus (Covid-19).

Whilst it is important to take every action to keep the body strong and protected, also be reminded that fear is corrosive on the immune system. It’s really important to tune in to the context of how this affects the personal and the collective, and allow the balance of nature to take its course. We do this via both active participation, self-responsibility and surrendering or letting go.

We protect ourselves and build our inner defences via practising inner calm, balance, and taking grounded strengthening actions that come from clear-thinking. There are plenty of helpful lifestyle and dietary patterns that help getting us into nature.

On a spiritual level, we allow uncertainty to be ok  – we accept change is natural and life is transient and ever-changing. All is impermanent.

It’s a useful approach to see the coronavirus through the lens of Buddhist dharma.

Let the spread of fear remind us that being overly attached to how we want the world to be, does not change it. We only change it by our actions and by the spread of love. Let’s rise above, rise higher than the day-to-day mundane activities we so often are encumbered with and stay in a love vibration. To be a positive force in the world, we need to both help ourselves and help others.

It’s essential here to speak about having a positive mindset and aligning ourselves to being positive and productive. The perfectionist personality is a fault-finder. Maintain a healthy perception and accept that nothing is perfect. Be happy with “it’s good enough.”

Negativity only leads to mental lethargy, depression, and we actually create a higher possibility of our fears coming true. For example a negative mindset lowers our immune response.

This experience of a virus spreading to our communities is of concern to all of us in the human community. Beyond the more obvious physical effects, it is testing our resilience and adaptation to change, mind training in action.

Travel light,

Questions for contemplation:

  • How willing are you to accept things as they are, rather than holding on to how you wish them to be?
  • At a deep level, consider how okay you are with uncertainty and the unpredictable nature of life.
  • What is your feeling response to change?

Be the love you wish to see in the world – David Star’lyte

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