Saturday 17 August 2019

7 Clues You've Found Your Life Purpose

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Are you living on purpose?
For the plans of a man’s heart are many, but it is the purposes of God that will prevail…here are seven signs you’ve found your life purpose.

Natural area of gifting
Pay attention to the areas that come naturally to you. For some reason, you seem to outshine in this areas so much so that others notice it. Gifts and natural ability point to God’s original plan and purpose for your life.

Endless supply of power
There is no area of burn out when you are operating in your purpose. Your level of passion may vary from time to time, but there will be an endless amount of power made available to you to do what God has called you to do.

It solves a generational problem
Your purpose is ultimately not designed for you, it’s designed for people. God sends answers to problems in this world through people. Your purpose is directly tied to a generational problem that God has called you to solve or a generational blessing God wants you to continue to perpetuate.

You come with authority
Your area of purpose is the area where God has given authority to steward the power of your gifts. Of great importance is not only walking in authority but also being able to submit under the channels of authority put in place to protect and help you grow in your purpose. 

An area where you co-create with God
Purpose driven lives have the joyful pleasure of creating positive change with God. When you’ve found your purpose, you will essentially find your unique area of excellence where only you and God occupy.

t consistently finds you
When you find your purpose it keeps finding you! The opportunities that come your way will follow a pattern and further reveal the truth of your calling

Blesses you and others
Operating in your purpose blesses people and gives you fulfillment. Serving others through your purpose allows you to do The Lord’s work and improve the world around you.


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