Tuesday 15 January 2019

Giant crocodile eats scientist alive.

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A scientist who was feeding a 17-foot long crocodile was eaten alive by the rapacious reptile.
Deasy Tuwo, 44, the head of the CV Yosiki Laboratory in Indonesia was apparently dragged to her death by the croc, named Merry.
The creature — which killed another croc recently — apparently propelled itself up an eight-foot wall to get at Tuwo.

When her co-workers arrived Friday morning, they noticed something strange in the water.
Merry was lying on the ground, inside the creature’s jaws was Deasy’s ravaged body.
Her arm had reportedly been ripped off and her upper torso mutilated.
And when rescuers attempted to retrieve the body, the crocodile lashed out violently.
Why Merry had been kept so close to a laboratory was unclear.
The reptile was finally captured Monday and taken to a facility for medical tests to confirm whether it had consumed body parts.
“She was the head of the lab. A quiet person. We’re confused about how this happened,” former colleague Merry Supit told reporters.
Another co-worker, Erling Rumengan said: ”We were curious when we looked at the crocodile pool, there was a floating object, it was Deasy’s body. We were afraid to touch it and we immediately reported the incident at the Tombariri police station.”
                                         Deasy Tuwo’s body is taken from the scene.

Rumengan added: “It’s possible the crocodile jumped from the side. Maybe it’s because the crocodile was still full, it didn’t finish eating her body.”
Police said they were looking for the Japanese owner of the lab.
“I believe the owner must acknowledge this horrible incident,” Tomohon Police Chief Raswin Sirait said. “If there is no permit, he will be detained.”

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