Sunday, 30 December 2018

Dame June Whitfield dies aged 93.

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Dame June Whitfield - celebrated for her comic roles in BBC sitcom
Terry and June and cult favourite Absolutely Fabulous - has died aged 93.
The London-born actress was a regular fixture on TV and radio for six decades, starring in Carry On films, Hancock's Half Hour, and even Friends.
At 89, she appeared in EastEnders as Sister Ruth, a nun with a secret about Kat Moon. At 92, she was made a dame.
Her agent said she died peacefully on Friday night. 

Tributes to her long and successful career in comedy are being made on Twitter.
Julia Sawalha, who played her strait-laced granddaughter in Absolutely Fabulous, said Whitfield had been a "great source of inspiration" to her as a young actress but was "far too humble to accept my adoration".

Fellow Ab Fab actress Joanna Lumley told ITV news she was "heartbroken to lose such a darling friend", who would "always have a most special place in my heart".
She said she would never forget "her sensational talent, humour and her generosity".
Jane Horrocks, who played the ditzy character Bubble in the comedy, said her former co-star was a "wonderful lady", who was "versatile, funny and generous".
Most of Whitfield's scenes during her three episodes on EastEnders were filmed opposite Jessie Wallace, who tweeted: "A truly great actress and comedy legend. Working with June was a masterclass."
Impressionist Rory Bremner called Whitfield the "go-to comedy actress for three generations".

Culled from BBC News.

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