Monday, 24 September 2018

6 Habits of People Who Never Get Jealous

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Envy is an ugly monster. Jealousy can take over the best of us and cause
a world of problems that interfere with our rational thought process. It's important to deviate away from jealous tendencies and the actions that can bring on envious feelings. Before you allow jealousy to consume your being, check out these six habits of people who never get jealous.

Don't Compare
You don't know another person's situation and they don't know yours. Don't compare their qualities and blessings to your own. Everyone lives out a different situation, once you've truly accepted that truth you'll be closer to making the best out of your life.

Don't Assume
Narrating other people, in your head, is not fair and not healthy. Stay away from abrupt assumptions that categorize individuals or judge them unfairly. For example, a person can appear to be successful and made sacrifices in the past to get where they are now - remember their past is not visible or up for judgment.

Have Your Own Confidence
Don't rely on someone else to provide you with the self-esteem and confidence that you need to be self-sufficient. Be your own cheerleader and pat yourself on the back. If you thrive off someone else's kudos, you will not be able to have self sustaining techniques that will carry you throughout life.
Be Proactive
Look for ways you can prosper and be successful. Stay focused and look for opportunities that you can grow from. If you're busy and willing to put in the hard work, then you're less likely to envy others. Create short and long term goals that outline your future.
Be Honest With Yourself
The only person that always knows the truth is you. Vow to be honest with yourself and set out to have expectations that are obtainable and within reason. If you're happy with yourself then you will have a better fortune and a brighter future.
Be Spontaneous
Sometimes pure luck is the element that creates envy and jealousy. While sustaining a routine and being stable is important, opt to add spontaneity in your life by allowing yourself to take risks. You can't get lucky if you never put your name in the hat.


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