Monday, 3 September 2018

5 Tips to Boost Your Self-Esteem

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The chances of feeling 100% positive 24 hours a day are as slim as winning the $100 million dollar jackpot. We all will experience our share of positive and negative feelings as we continue to grow, learn, and respond to life and all that it has to offer us.
Though positive and negative feelings affect us all, there are some things we can do to maintain our self-esteem during life’s tests and trials that threaten to steal our mental stability. Here are five ways to help boost your self-esteem that you can practice every single day.

Accept Yourself and Do Not Compare Yourself to Other People
It’s so easy to feel insignificant among people whom we hold at high esteem. The accomplishments of other people can sometimes have the tendency to highlight our faults and imperfections especially when we have not embraced the journey that helped to shape us into the person that we are. We must go the extra mile to highlight the steps of our own life and accept and appreciate the value in being unique. 

Find the Lessons Behind Your Mistakes
Every person living on this planet has made a few mistakes. Mistakes are what help us to learn and grow as individuals. Most importantly, mistakes are how we gain the knowledge and experiences that we use to teach other people.
We must remember not to allow our mistakes to hinder the natural cycle of growth that must take place within us. Learn the lessons behind your mistakes and use those lessons to empower your future decisions.

Turn Fear Into Motivation to Challenge Yourself
Fear is the source that empowers low self-esteem. Because of fear many among us have become complacent and have lost the desire to want more out of life. We must remember that fear operates by the power that we give to it. Remember that it is easy to settle and become complacent when life places obstacles between us and our goals.
Learn to use fear as motivation to challenge yourself and reach for the stars.

Focus on Your Strengths, Gifts, and Talents, and Allow Them to Influence the Steps of Your Life
As we travel through life we will find that many aspects of life will influence our decision to be or not to be. We were all designed with unique components that work together to shape our lives and affect and inspire the world around us. We must remember to allow those natural components to lead us to where we are meant to be and not stifle what’s meant to be by improper influences.
Our gifts and talents are what make our world a better place and when we use them we create the peace
Live in the Present and Become a Part of the Solution
Many of us have a talent for wasting valuable time and energy trying to change a past that does not want us anymore. Unfavorable situations that took place in the past are unchangeable; however, the lessons behind them can serve as a tool in the fight for solutions in the present. We must allow our experiences to fuel us in the fight for better days ahead, and break the cycle of repeating negative situations that will ultimately destroy our self-confidence and belief in the future.

 that we desire.

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