Tuesday 12 June 2018

Would You Like to Attract More Money?

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Many of you reading this have heard about “Metaphysics” or the “Law of Attraction.” Perhaps you’ve seen the movie, “The Secret” or you’re a fan of Esther Hicks and “Abraham.” Or you’ve read one of the myriad books on the topic.
I’ve been studying this thing called metaphysics for a good part of my life. I find the theory fascinating — that which we predominately focus on, we attract into our lives. The most frequently used methods are to visualize our desired outcome and to say affirmations. However, the question I hear from my clients is, “What am I doing wrong? What I want isn’t showing up!”
In this time of economic upset, many of us are trying to use these universal laws to attract prosperity. It’s more than frustrating when the money we hope for doesn’t come to us. The following are some of my tips on how to create abundance.

Get Clear What You Want
Write a list of what you need right now. Don’t try to figure out how these things will come to you. Allow the Universe to do what it does best—create miracles. Keep your focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Maintain an attitude of surrender about how it will come to you. The Universe has been known to create minor miracles such as causing the sun to come up every morning and go down every night. Perhaps you might allow it to help you create an answer to your personal financial needs right now.

Stop Worrying
Worry is a choice, and it’s always counter-productive. When you catch yourself doing it, shift your focus. Worrying about money does not bring more money into your life (if that were true, we’d all be rich). When you have faith and an attitude of trust, you’re more open and receptive to the thoughts, feelings and impulses from the Universe that direct you toward real prosperity. The more you think about something — positive or negative — the more you bring it about.
Worry interferes with your hopes, dreams and desires. If it’s difficult for you to stop worrying, try taking it a day at a time. Tell yourself, “Today (or this moment), I’m choosing not to worry.”
Brainstorm Some Possibilities
Get a paper and pen or put fingers to your keyboard and begin writing down every possible solution that pops into your mind. Do this once a day for thirty days. Ask your intuition questions as you write. “How can I create immediate cash right now?” “What’s the best course of action to help me (fill in the blank)?” “What can I do that would be most helpful for me right now?” If you’re feeling stuck, call some supportive (and positive) friends, and invite them to a potluck meal and prosperity brainstorming party. The more ideas, the merrier!
Take Action on the Answers You Receive
Don’t overwhelm yourself. Break the tasks down so that you’re taking at least three action steps a day. If more (or less) feels comfortable to you, that’s fine too. You are putting energy out towards what you want to create. Take action only on those items that feel interesting and energizing. If you feel drained and depleted when contemplating an action, don’t do it. Those responses are your intuition at work, pointing you away from the wrong direction. Keep a journal of each task that you’ve completed, including some of the less tangible ones. There’s something very comforting in seeing a list of accomplishments when you’re down on yourself and feel that you’re not “doing enough.”

Watch for Miracles to Occur
Know that you’re in the process of creating a solution to your crisis. The Universe is on your side. You’re not alone. The answer may not come all at once. Begin to look for evidence that things are turning around for you. Perhaps an unexpected source of money comes to you, or you have an interview for a new job. Maybe the car repair that you thought was going to cost you hundreds of dollars only cost you a fraction of that. Write about these occasions in your journal and look at them frequently. Also, remember to have patience. Just because the thing you want hasn’t shown up overnight doesn’t mean it’s not on its way!
Make a Commitment to Stay Positive
We all have habits of nonconstructive thoughts that we repeat to ourselves when we’re under pressure. What thoughts do you have? A common one I hear often is, “I’m so stressed out!” Be vigilant about nipping those negative thought spirals in the bud. Pessimistic thinking often precedes an emotional crash and you can’t afford one of those when you’re in a financial crisis. Following are some prosperity-affirming thoughts that will help you stay positive. Pick one that works for you. The intention is to make you feel better so you can stay open to incoming intuitive guidance that will lead you out of the current situation. “This is just temporary; things are beginning to turn around.” “I am open to new avenues of prosperity.” “I live in an abundant Universe; I have everything I need.” “Money flows to me from all directions.” Write down several statements that make you feel better and replace those nasty negative thoughts with some good ones.

Acknowledge the Abundance You Already Have
Make a point of looking around you throughout the day and consciously focusing on the plenty that exists. Take a walk and breathe in the air. No lack there! Depending on where you live and what season it is, take in the profusion of sand, snow, leaves, trees or grass that fill your surroundings. Go to a grocery store and marvel at the large quantity of fruits and vegetables. And don’t overlook the intangibles, like the fact that you may have wonderful friends, a good job and/or a healthy body. Your intention here is to keep your focus off the illusion of lack and on the reality of true abundance. Every time you appreciate the wealth that exists in you and around you, you are reminding yourself that you are on a planet that is chock full of everything you need.

Expect Prosperity
I believe that the Universe is a vast, magnificent system of abundance. The way we receive this wealth is through ideas, thoughts and opportunities. It also comes through connections to people, events and circumstances. God doesn’t just come out of the heavens and say, “You there! Good job! Here’s a check for a million dollars.” Instead, we are given ideas to grow a profitable new business, or we get a job where we can learn new things and are able to contribute to our community.
Often all it takes are very simple shifts of attitude to invite prosperity into your life. Give some, or all, of the above ideas a try and see what happens. And may you live long and prosper!

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