Wednesday 6 June 2018

Basset hound given new ID and put in ‘witness protection’ after academic ‘had sex’ with it!!

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A basset hound has been given a new identity and put in ‘witness protection’ after a college academic allegedly had sex with it. The dog, previously named Flash, has been renamed and rehomed with a new family, but officials have refused to comment on either because he may be used as evidence in the bestiality trial against Joseph Alan Hattey.

John Dinon, from the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter told The Detroit News: ‘(The dog is) in a great home, with a great family…he’s basically in witness protection.’ He added: ‘(Bestiality is) something that happens behind closed doors, and can be tough to discern.’ The dog previously known as Flash was allegedly sodomized by Michigan State University physicist Hattey, 51, between January and March this year.

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His abuser, of Holt., Mi., reportedly penetrated the dog with both his fingers and penis, prosecutors say. The alleged assault did not take place on the MSU campus, with the same university recently rocked by widespread sexual carried out by former staff member Larry Nassar against hundreds of athletes. Hattey has denied the charges against him, with his attorney saying he ‘looks forward to addressing the fact of the matter’ during a preliminary hearing scheduled for June 14. He has been suspended from his job at MSU pending the outcome of the police investigation. When confronted by FOX2 after he was released on bond Monday, Hattey said: ‘I don’t want to be on camera. No comment.’ The crime he is accused of is a felony that carries a 15 year prison sentence if he is convicted.


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