Tuesday 15 May 2018

Train company says sorry for ‘inexcusable’ 25-second early departure in Japan!

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Trains are rubbish in Britain, which is why we’ve all found ourselves helplessly waiting on a freezing platform for a delayed service at some point. But in Japan, they take public transport far more seriously – as shown by a bizarre recent incident.

A rail company was so embarrassed about one of its services leaving early that it felt the need to apologise. Which is fair enough – except the train left only 25 seconds before its timetabled departure, and the next one arrived just six minutes later. However, West Japan Railways said sorry to its customers for causing ‘great inconvenience’ over the incident in Shiga, Sora News24 reported

The company said the train left the platform at Notogawa Station at 7.11am and 35 seconds on Friday, when it should have left at 7.12am.  It happened as the conductor mistakenly thought it was due to leava at 7.11am, so closed the doors at that time. After realising his mistake, he looked down the platform to find that it was empty, so decided to leave 25 seconds early rather than reopen the doors and shut them again.


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