Thursday 11 January 2018

Disgraced filmmaker Harvey Weinstein slapped by a drunk man in Scottsdale restaurant.

Disgraced filmmaker Harvey Weinstein slapped by a drunk man in Scottsdale restaurant?(Video)

Hollywood filmmaker, Harvey Weinstein who is facing series of sexual accusations was attacked late Tuesday night at a restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Scottsdale. 

He received two backhanded slaps to the face in the attacked that was caught in a footage.

TMZ reported that the disgraced filmmaker was having dinner at the Elements restaurant with his sober coach when two men approached him. 
According to the publication, one of the men said that he asked Weinstein for a photo, but Weinstein refused. Although the man identified as Steve told TMZ that Weinstein was aggressive in his refusal, why the restaurant manager said he was polite about it. ?

Weinstein and Steve were also said to have reportedly shaken hands and sat down before the incident occurred. But when Weinstein got up to leave the restaurant at around 9 PM, the man, who also revealed that he was a bit drunk at that time instructed his friend to record a video of him as he walked up to the movie producer.
He landed Weinstein two backhanded slaps on the face and called him  "a piece of s***"
Speaking with TMZ, the restaurant manager said Steve's hands never landed on Weinstein's face, but it's clearly seen in the video that Steve made contact twice.
After the incident, Weinstein declined to call the police and left the restaurant.  

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