Tuesday 16 January 2018

Danish inventor charged with killing, dismembering journalist.

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A Danish inventor was charged with murdering a Swedish journalist aboard his DIY vessel,dismembering her body and dumping it at sea, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen said Peter Madsen, 47, either cut Kim Wall’s throat or strangled her after she boarded his homemade submarine for a story last August.
He called the case “very unusual and extremely disturbing.”
Madsen was charged with murder, dismemberment and indecent handling of a corpse and sexual assault.
The entrepreneur initially told police Wall, 30, had died in a “terrible accident” when a heavy submarine hatch fell on her head.
He then changed his story to claim the Columbia Journalism School grad died of carbon monoxide poisoning while aboard his vessel, Nautilus.
Madsen admitted dismembering her body and throwing the parts into the sea, but denied killing her.
Wall’s torso, which was recovered floating in the waters off Copenhagen, had over a dozen stab wounds in the ribcage and genitals.
Her head, legs and clothes were found in bags at sea in October, along with heavy metal objects meant to make them sink to the ocean floor.
Investigators discovered disturbing videos of women being tortured and killed on Madsen’s computer.
Wall, who has written for the New York Times and the Guardian, was last seen aboard the Nautilus on August 10. The next day, Madsen was rescued from the sinking submarine without Wall and initially claimed he’d dropped her off safely ashore.
He faces a life sentence and his trial is set to begin in March.
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