Sunday 31 December 2017

Niagara Falls freezes over.

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A record-breaking cold snap in North American and Canada is chilly enough that parts of the Niagara Falls have frozen over.
Despite the chill, tourists have still poured out in force to check out the stunning sight.
An Arctic blast has seen ambient temperatures in Ottawa drop to -28degC, rising to a balmy high of -19degC.

According to Environment Canada, the bone-chilling temperatures are enough to break records. Its previous lowest temperature was in 1962, dropping to -26.1degC.
Parts of the Niagara Falls have already frozen and locals told the Associated Press it could freeze completely this winter.
Frost and snow can be seen blanketing the popular tourist attraction's natural beauty in photos and videos.
The cold snap has also proven there is such a thing as being too cold for Canadians. Several New Year's Eve events have had to move indoors, because it's too brisk.

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