Friday 1 December 2017

10 Things Money Can't Do For You.

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True wealth is not in the money you have, but is made of those things that can never go away. Take a moment to focus on ten things that money can’t buy.

Make others love or value you
Your true value is not measured by the money you have (it can be gone in a blink of an eye), it comes from the true essence of who you are at your deepest truest level.

Redeem the time
No matter how much money you have it can’t buy back lost time. Seize the day and make the most of every moment.

Produce laughter and joy
Joy resides and bubbles up on the inside and is not dependent on external circumstances. It’s the highest form of happiness and abundant living.
Grant gifts and natural ability
Certainly you can pay to grow in an area and learn, but people who have natural talent and ability in an area have a true advantage. The good news is we all have a God-designed area of excellence…we just have to discover it.

Ensure tip top health
No one understands this truth more than someone facing an illness. When health is failing and the doctors say there is nothing else we can do, money can't buy it back.

Buy true love
True love exists in both great wealth and poverty. Love that is based on financial conditions is simply an opportunistic arrangement.

Offer peace and tranquility
A mind at peace is priceless. True peace comes from God through the knowledge of Christ. When your soul is at peace with God, you will be at peace in life.
Protect from uncertainty
Money does not have the power to protect you from the unexpected in life. Faith should be built on something much more reliable than a bank account

Guarantee Success
Having money doesn’t necessarily mean you’re successful. True success is achieving greatness through serving your gift to the world. Ask yourself how are you blessing the next generation?

Create a happy home
A loving home is produced only by intangibles like love, peace, joy, honor, truth and righteousness. All the money in the world can fill your home with material things, but only hearts truly submitted to the Kingdom of God can produce the things that last.

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