Tuesday 7 November 2017

The woman who gave President Trump's motorcade the middle finger has been fired .

The woman who gave President Trump

Juli Briskman, the woman who gave President Donald Trump's motorcade the finger back in October is speaking out after she said she was fired for the incident that went viral.  

The former member of the marketing team at Akima LLC, was riding her bike as the presidential motorcade passed by, transporting Trump from his golf course back to the White House and according to her, "my finger said what I was feeling, I'm angry and I'm frustrated. Even though I thought that it would probably get back to my company eventually".

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She said she was told she had violated the company's social media policy, and said the company in turn fired her. She had been at the company for about 6½ months before the incident, and was working in the marketing department.

She added that "health care doesn't pass, but you try to dismantle it from the inside. Five-hundred people get shot in Las Vegas; you're doing nothing about it. You know, white supremacists have this big march and hurt a bunch of people down in Charlottesville and you call them good people."

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