Tuesday 21 November 2017

Spot the dog: Can you see the pooch hiding among the ferns in this forest Facebook photo?

Would you be able to find your dog if you lost it in this forest?
This picture of a dog hiding among some ferns has taken the internet by storm.
And trust us… there is a dog in the picture. Isn’t there?
If you can spot the dog in the trees in this fabulous Facebook photo, then perhaps you don’t need to get your eyes tested any time soon.
The image was taken by dog owner Karen Fornos Klein in Alice Holt Forest near Farnham, Surrey.

It was posted on Facebook group Surrey Dog Owners at the weekend.
The picture contains (we think) the owner’s dog, Ambar, and has been viewed by hundreds of Facebook viewers.

The dog is in the red circle… we think (Picture: Karen Fornos Klein/Facebook)

The dog in the photo is Ambar (Picture: Karen Fornos Klein/Facebook) 

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