Thursday 9 November 2017

Book Review: A View from memory Hill.

We live life forwards, but understand it backwards. Either way, it's a personal journey.

The characters in this collection are looking back into the half-shaded landscapes of memory. Most are 'of a certain age', but young voices appear too, in stories uplifting and regretful, comic and sinister, poignant and optimistic.
All share a moment of realisation - eventful, fleeting or veiled - unearthed on a journey into the past.

Will 'Ruby, the Silver Surfer' learn to cut and paste and save?
Should 'Billy the Quid' sell up?
Can Frank Smith cope with being an 'Old Man in a Young Pub'?
Why is Lydia 'Sleepless in Southampton'?

'What's in your bag, mister?' asks the small boy in 'A Bag for Life'.

See for yourself.
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