Thursday 30 November 2017

Be Your Own Psychic.

Exercise Your Intuitive Abilities
Our intuition speaks to us every day. If you learn to listen to this still, small voice, you will feel more in tune with your soul purpose and truly connected to those around you. Your intuitive ability is a muscle and just as we need to exercise our body and mind to strengthen and improve them, we also need to exercise our intuitive abilities if we hope to reach our full potential. Following are a few fun exercises you can try to increase your intuitive muscle.

Centre Yourself
When you wake up in the morning, take a few moments to centre yourself before your feet hit the floor. Breathe deeply and imagine the day unfolding as you hope it will. Visualize three things you want to happen to you and take a moment to really picture this. Then state aloud your goals for the day as though they’ve already happened.

Anticipate What Will Happen
When standing in front of elevators, try to feel which one will open first. Before getting in line at the bank, feel out which line will go faster.

Think of a Loved One in Heaven
Talk to him and ask him to show up in your dreams. Place a journal by your bed. Each morning, write down your dreams in the journal. By the end of the week, you should have a dream of your loved one on the other side.

Review Your Day Before Bed
When you go to bed, take a few moments to go over your day and review where you followed your hunches correctly and where you didn't. Make note of your feelings throughout the day. Were you given intuitive nudges? Did you follow them all?

Flip a Coin
If you’re debating between two courses of action, flip a coin. When it’s in the air, you’ll know the right answer for you based on how you want the coin to land.

Ask the Stones
Place two stones in a bag -- one black and one white. Ask yourself a yes or no question, close your eyes and pull a stone. Black means no, white means yes.

Consult Identical Envelopes
Take three identical envelopes. On three pieces of paper write down a question you need guidance on. Place each question in an envelope and mix up the envelopes. Take a moment to breathe deeply.
hen hold one envelope in your hand. Don't open the envelope. Just write down on the backside of the unopened envelope all the images, words and symbols that come to you. Don't open it. Just put it to the side. Take out the next envelope and do the same. Repeat with the third envelope.
When you're done with all three envelopes, open them up, read the question and look at the guidance you provided for yourself on the envelope. It works! It really does.

Picture New Acquaintances
Before meeting a new person, say the name aloud three times and try to picture what the person will look like. Guess hair colour, height and what colour shirt he or she will be wearing.

Think of an Old Friend
Picture that friend in her home. Send her the thought: "Call me." Picture the words and send them right to her head. Then visualize this person sitting down on a chair or couch in her home and picking up the phone to call you. If the exercise is done with strong, positive intentions, the person should call you within the week.

Help Making A Difficult Decision
If you need help making a difficult decision, imagine two doors. Let's say that you've been offered a job in California and one in New York, but you don't know which one to take. In your sacred space, picture two doors. On one, it says, "California" and on the other, it says, "New York." Tell yourself, "When I open the California door, I will see what that choice will bring me." Imagine yourself opening that door and let your mind go. What do you see? How do you feel? Pay attention to everything. Even if you just see a color, that means something. Green means growth, for example, whereas gray means stagnation. Repeat with the New York door.
And, lastly, don't forget to trust yourself. Your inner voice will never lie to you. The more you listen to it, the stronger your intuition will become.

Samantha Fey is an intuitive medium and Reiki Master. She writes and teaches on intuition, crystals, angels and spirit guides.

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