Wednesday 4 October 2017

Ecuador’s Vice President jailed for corruption and taking bribes.

Ecuador?s Vice President jailed for corruption and?taking bribes

Jorge Glas, Ecuador’s Vice President was arrested by the Police at his residence in Guayaquil and jailed on Monday after the Supreme Court ordered his arrest for allegedly taking bribes from a Brazilian construction giant involved in a regional graft scandal.  

Minutes before turning himself in, Glas posted a video online in which he said he would abide under protest the arrest order even while arguing that the case against him was based on lies, false testimony and procedural errors.

In the video, Glas said “Those who are innocent have no reason to flee". He also urged supporters to continue fighting to defend the legacy of former President Rafael Correa, who both he and Moreno loyally served. “Don’t give up, fight for your revolution.”

He also released an official statement in which he wrote of his innocence and an expected victory.

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