Tuesday 24 October 2017

Book Review: Heartless by Alena Des.

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I created Riley in the second book of my Kings series as a dark angel and the
brother of my main female character. He was supposed to be a side
character, a character that played his role and then jump back into non-
existence. But Riley I created soon became much more. He was rebellious
enough to take o! on his own, defy my plans for him to be nothing more than
a side character. Soon, he was backstabbing me as his creator, talking to my
readers, making his secretive connections to a large fanbase. Every time he
talked, he was mysterious, manipulative. I knew he was the King of
Deceptions and soon began to believe he was playing with all of us. Readers
kept asking: Is he good? Is he bad? Who is he?
The sexy, humorous and cocky angel soon had my readers panting after him.
By the time I was done with my second book, I faced desertion by them
unless I wrote his story, the angel who had captivated their hearts. Oh,
well…So, I was stuck with Riley. He almost screamed in my head as I was
writing his book. I stopped apologizing to my readers for his vulgarity,
rudeness and shallowness. He couldn’t help it, he was the son of the Sex
Goddess. And, I was merely his voice. Besides, my readers wanted to know
more about him, right? This was it. They were free to hate him.
It didn’t really work that way. Riley e!used a natural charm. Who am I
kidding? There was nothing natural about it. Women were after him. And he
just didn’t give a damn. I almost didn’t like him. Almost. But as I scratched
the surface with Riley, I found out so much more about this dark Angel.
“I knew I was dancing with death. But I was gonna play the game
until it claimed me. And eventually it would. There was no escape.”
I began to wonder: Who was he running from? And why was he behaving this
way? I had to 0nd out.
I needed help to bring out the fun, vulnerable side which was bottled deep
down Riley. For that, I needed to save him from himself and from the one
who was after him. I found the help I needed in Oriana. The woman who lived
among the humans but was so much more. The woman who was immune to
his sex appeal. The woman who held her own secrets. I knew she would be
my savior. And, she would be his.....

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