Monday 25 September 2017

Singaporean IS militant challenges Prince Harry to a fight!

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AN ISIS fighter has reportedly challenged Prince Harry to a fight in an online propaganda video.
The royal is told that if he is “man enough” he should travel to fight ISIS himself in a chilling clip from one of the terror group's fanatical supporters.
The video shows a man with a Singapore accent calling for fellow would-be jihadis to fight for the sick terror group across the middle east and Africa.
While loading artillery shells into a lorry he says: “To Harry, you come to Singapore and tell such stories to gain sympathy for the London terror attacks?
“Why don’t you come here and fight us if you’re man enough, so that we can send you and your Apaches [helicopters] to hellfire, bi ithnillah [Allah allowing]?”
The royal and former soldier spoke about the horrifying London Bridge terror attack while visiting Singapore in June.
Prince Harry spoke during a two-day visit to the island where he organised the Sentebale Polo Cup for charity.
The man has allegedly been identified as Megat Shahdan bin Abdul Samad by the Singaporean authorities following the video's release.
The 39-year-old is thought to have been radicalised while working in the middle east, where he travelled in 2014.
A spokesman for the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs said: “Our security agencies have been aware of the presence in Syria of a Singaporean and have been monitoring his activities”.

Prince Harry Video
Worries that the island nation could be the target of a future attack have grown due to its importance as a financial centre, as well as Singapore's tough stance against terrorism.
Prince Harry was on the frontline during tours of Afghanistan and flew Apache helicopters while in the British Army.
His humbling experience in the military, where the Prince was seen as “just Harry” led him to consider leaving the royal family.
Meghan Markle and Harry sat away from each other yesterday at the Invictus Games opening ceremony in Toronto.
The Invictus Games, created by the former soldier, is a Paralympic-style sports events that sees wounded soldiers competing in feats of athletic prowess

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