Tuesday, 25 July 2017

21 Simple Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

In this crazy world of high tech and high anxiety it is important to realize the power of slowing things down.  Life does not have to be a daily race against time.
You can choose to live at a gentler pace.
When you engage in the power of slow, you can keep distractions and haste at bay. Slow living does not mean you always crawl at a turtle’s pace. It means finding your custom-made speed and creating a more gratifying life as you pause to savour your experiences more fully.
The first step is to develop a positive relationship with time and a new attitude about how you use the hours in each day. Here are 21 tips for slowing down and enjoying life more.

Embrace Time Abundance
Like time starvation, time abundance is a mind-set. Know that there is a reason for every season. Time abundance states you have more than enough time to get everything done that serves your ultimate purpose.
Create The Opening
Sometimes saying ‘no’ to one thing means leaving room for ‘yes’ in other areas.

Relish The Space Between Things
‘Ma’ is a Japanese term for the space between beats in music or theatrical performances. Give ‘ma’ a chance to show itself in your calendar by creating room for some breezy nothingness between appointments.

Disengage From Clock Combat
Put away your watch every now and then to experience a timeless state of peace. Challenge yourself to go clock-free for a day.

Invite Flow Into Your Life
Engage in activities that make you forget the time altogether such as painting, dance or making music.
Eat Mindfully
You are what, and how, you eat. Take time between bites and chew slowly. Make it a primary, not secondary activity (while doing something else).
Use Your Tools
Let that call go to voicemail. Suspending your availability now and then helps you regain your center.

Switch Off Your Cell Phone Altogether
It is an addition as much as a convenience. Turn it off from time to time to recharge from the world. The Earth will keep spinning as you refrain from doing so

When A Window Closes, A Door Opens
Focus on one project at a time and close all other unrelated windows on your computer. Distractions can tug at your energy, leaving you feeling depleted.

Captain Your Own Ship
Make a choice to include time out to dock and visit ports other than work, family responsibilities and obligations. Make sure you have time for simple pleasures and joys.

Redefine the Value Of Leisure
For those who struggle with taking time off, remember a productive worker is a well-rested one.

Rekindle Your Childhood Dreams
Kids are great role models for life beyond the clock. Recall what you dreamt about as a kid and pursue some of those interests.

Adhere To The ‘Rule of Full’
Instead of taking a half-day off, take a full one. Focus completely on relaxing activities such as a swing in the hammock or a leisurely stroll through the park.

Take An Adult-Sized Time-Out
Challenge yourself to explore a new part of your surroundings – gadget-free. Frequent unplugged fun fosters a sense of connection with your living space.

Change Your Routine
Take a new route to work or order something completely different from the menu. It will raise your awareness about your immediate surroundings and create a new sense of place.

Spend Thirty Minutes Outdoors
Vitamin D deficiencies arise especially in the winter months. Find ways to go outside daily for a breath of fresh air and sunlight (yes, even through the clouds).
Surround Yourself With Beauty
Stimulate your senses with aromatherapy candles, soothing music or a water fountain that splashes in the background.

Slowing down does not mean you stop. It means becoming more mindful. Incorporate movement into your daily routine by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It will do you good, body and soul.

Take Small Steps
We often procrastinate due to overwhelm. Break bigger projects down into manageable, bite-sized chunks. 

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff
Life is in the details, but you needn’t be overshadowed by them. Focus on what you can do to change things--not on what you can’t. Enjoy the ride on the highway of life.

Savor Your Personal Bank Account Of Time
Ultimately, the choice is yours. How you spend your daily units is up to you. Living powerfully is a decision you get to make anew every day.

Author Christine Louise Hohlbaum adapted these concepts from her book The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World (St Martin’s Press, 2009). For more information visit www.powerofslow.wordpress.com


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