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21 Simple Ways to Quiet the Mind

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Do you have a hard time winding down and clearing your mind of stress? Talk, sing, walk, and hug yourself to a more serene, peaceful you.
How to Clear Your Mind of Stress and Clutter
By Andrea Ferretti

It’s a beautiful thing to have a full, busy life—a life that’s filled with work, family, relationships, and hobbies. But many times that fullness cantranslate to overload and you feel as though you just can’t shut off thechatter in your brain. Even during moments of relative quiet—while you’re lying in bed or commuting to work—your mind runs through an endless tape loop of worries and fears, conversations, and plans. Not only does this create anxiety and stress, it can also mean that you miss out on the small and beautiful moments that present themselves in your daily life.

These 21 tips include both practical and playful ways for you find a doorway into a clear mind. Doing so takes practice, so don’t be frustrated if peace and quiet are elusive. Simply commit yourself to trying and you’ll find that even the smallest moments of clarity and presence will being you great joy.

Walk It Out
Take a gentle walk. Be sure to stop and smell the roses.
Talk It Out
Call a friend who doesn’t mind listening to an occasional venting session – and let loose. 
Hug It Out
Cuddle up with your pet or a loved one. Close bonding releases hormones that make you feel good.
Write It Out
Put all of your hopes, dreams, and disappointments in a journal. When you put down your pen and close the journal, you’ll have a clean slate.
Sync Your Breath with Movement
Not only does it feel good, it’s the most immediate way to yoke your mind to the present moment.
Pursue a Passion
Do something you love—whether it’s horseback riding, yoga, or writing poetry—and you’ll find that instead of having a scattered mind, you are singularly focused.
Be a Daredevil
Bungee jump, skydive, get up and sing karaoke. The newness of the activity will keep your mind alert.
Exercise Vigorously
Exercising at a moderate to high intensity can help release endorphins, which create a feeling of euphoria. 
In the shower, in your car, or in a choir—see if you can memorize the words to a song that makes you happy and focus on those lyrics.
Concoct a Fancy Spread
Put together a delicious feast for yourself or your loved ones and take in the scents and colors as you do.
Laugh For the Fun of It
Pop in a familiar movie that makes you laugh or simply remembering to laugh at absurdity of life’s calamities can help you press the reset button.
Let Go of Attachment
Try to go through a whole day without being attached to outcomes. Notice how much more present and clear it makes you feel.
Find Quiet
Find a space where you can be alone and in quiet—and enjoy your own company.
Read a Seminal Text
Connect to an ancient text that speaks to you—whether it’s the Bible or the Bhagavad Gita—to bring you out of your head.
Take a Bath
Add essential oils or mineral salts and let the water cleanse your mind as you nurture your body.
Soak in the Sun
Notice how the warm rays feel on your skin (but don’t forget your sunscreen!)
Create a Mood Board
Bust out your favorite magazines and start clipping out images that speak to you. Glue them to a piece of cardboard, creating your own personal work of art.
Arrange Flowers
Buy yourself some beautiful stems and take time to consciously arrange them, paying attention to the look, feel, and scent of each one.
Take a Load Off
Put your legs up the wall and reverse the blood flow in your body for 15 minutes. As your body relaxes, your mind will follow.
Play a Game
As you plan your poker or Parcheesi strategy, you’ll be attentive to the task at hand and hopefully you’ll have fun, too.
Connect with Nature
 Watch the sunset. Gaze at the waves as they lap onto the shore. Bird-watch from your backyard. Observing nature will always bring your awareness back to what’s right in front you—instead of what’s going on in your head.

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