Thursday, 16 March 2017

23 Success Tips From Richard Branson

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23 Success Tips From Richard Branson

1. Don’t do it if you don’t enjoy it.

2. Be visible.

3. Choose your brand’s name wisely.

4. Listen more — talk less.

5. You can’t run a business without taking risks.

6. The first impression is everything — so is the second.

7. Perfection is unattainable.

8. You can’t do it all by yourself.

9. The customer is always right, most of the time.

10. Define your brand.

11. Explore uncharted territory.

12. You make your own luck.

13. Beware the ‘us vs. them’ environment.

14. Build a corporate comfort zone.

15. Not everyone is suited to be CEO.

16. Get a mentor.

17. Seek a second opinion, and then a third.

18. Cut ties without burning bridges.

19. Pick up the phone.

20. Always pick personality over experience.

21. Change shouldn’t be feared, but it should be managed.

22. When it comes to making mistakes, bounce back, don’t fall down.

23. Be a leader, not a boss.

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