Monday, 6 February 2017

10 Tips for Enjoying Life on Earth

It's not just another life after death book. It's a life after death after life after death after life
Love is the small and the large, but particularly, Love is the medium of life. When we see the world through a filter of loving compassion, instantly everything and everyone become fine just the way they are.
The whole of living consciousness, as much as we know of it, is concentrated between the earth's crust, and the upper atmosphere. In view of this inescapable reality, it seems a bit self-centered to consider ourselves as all too separate.

The world is reflecting you by what you bring to your perception of it. Much of it depends on how you're looking at it, on how you're feeling in any moment. If you can maintain a brighter outlook, you'll paint a brighter world.

Practicing Radical Kindness will make you feel as though you are living in an entirely different world. Almost immediately, allies, compatriots, and new friends who feel like old friends will begin to appear everywhere.

Remember, we're all fighting the same battles. Lots of times, we're thinking almost exactly the same thoughts, feeling the same feelings. You are very unique and special, just like everyone else, and everyone is perfect, in their own imperfect way.

It's important for your well-being to exercise some discretion concerning the energy you're being exposed to through the media – music, TV, and the virtual world. Especially if you're trying to exercise yourself spiritually!

You may encounter the poison of willfulness and ego everywhere you go. But when you do your best to experience the medium of Love alive in the world, and become one with it, you'll join up with a deep, invisible river of the antidote

Like gears engaging the chaotic machinery of the world, it's good to engage lightly, and be ready to detach ourselves easily and joyfully. That way, we can own the space where we make our own arrangement with life, and with the world.

Don't Worry
Try not to worry when things may look very dark – that will always come to pass. It really is always "the darkest just before the dawn." That's the moment when miracles often happen, or we wouldn't call them miracles.

Meditation is a must, and when you approach it with willingness and curiosity, a whole new universe within starts to open up. The more you practice, the more you find a calm, but alive space in place of all those messy, unnecessary thoughts.

(culled from Kopecky)

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