Friday, 30 December 2016

How not to walk the dog

Shocking moment lazy dog owner is filmed 'walking' her by driving her car and hanging the leash out of the window

An unidentified woman was spotted walking her dog while driving in her car down a busy road in Stockton, California
A California woman was caught on camera driving her car while walking her dog on a busy road.
The bizarre moment was filmed by Amanda Brajkovich, of Stockton, California, who confronted the unidentified woman. 
In the clip the dog can be seen trotting alongside its owner's car as she holds the leash out the window. 
Other cars can be seen moving over to avoid the dog and the car. 
Amanda was furious as she watched the scene unfold and decided to ask the owner what she was doing.
When the woman finally pulls over, she and Amanda exchange words. 
'Hi, is there a reason you're dragging your dog by a rope,' Amanda says in the video. 
'He wasn't being dragged. I was watching his leash. There was no tension,' the woman replies.  
Amanda told Fox 40: 'First thought was "oh my god this dog is going to get hurt" you know, maybe a car's going to go past him and hit him.'
The unidentified driver eventually leaves and the dog continues to run beside the car on the road. 
'You're going to be a dog owner, a responsible dog owner, then you need to get out and walk your dog you know, don't be lazy,' Amanda said. 
Amanda posted the video on Facebook, telling her friends she was outraged by the woman's behavior and many agreed, including Stockton Animal Services director, Phillip Zimmerman. 

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