Saturday, 10 December 2016

How Anthony Joshua could become the first billionaire boxer

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There are those who believe that Anthony Joshua can become the first billionaire boxer through his endeavour in the ring and endorsements outside of it. In this age, it is possible.
But the "less is more" policy with Joshua and his team is one which is heeded cautiously. A medical check up following his defence of the IBF heavyweight title against Dominic Breazeale in June, where blood was taken, revealed he'd had glandular fever. It was a warning sign. 
The huge heavyweight, on the cusp of genuine crossover sporting stardom, had been injured going into the fight. Seven bouts in 2014, five in 2015 and now a third fight this year, along with his intensity and training camps, had taken their toll on his 27-year-old body. But not in the same way on his mind.

"It's so important that I do listen to my body," Joshua told me this week. "I went into that last fight with an overuse injury on my shoulder and it was a wake up call.
"I went straight from the Charles Martin fight into the Breazeale fight and didn't have a life for seven months. I wondered what was wrong, I felt weird, and we found I had glandular fever. My team were telling me to slow down and with me, I'm a fighter and I just want to keep going. I really have started listening, because I have a great team behind me, and we are trying to do something unique here, something different."   

Peek behind the scenes and there is a young management team, with Joshua as its CEO, building his athletic and business career. He, of course, as the fighter, is the business. And he needs to keep winning and building his prowess to ensure it succeeds.

(culled from The telegraph)

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