Thursday, 10 November 2016

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Gay man attacked hours after Trump 

election win

Gay man attacked hours after Trump election win
(Calgary metro)

A gay man claimed he was bottled in the head and left in

 a pool of blood by Donald Trump supporters on election


Chris Ball was in a Santa Monica bar watching the election 

results on Tuesday when tensions started to run high 

between Clinton and Trump voters.

The film producer said people in the crowd shouted 

homophobic slurs as the results came in.

He told Calgary Metro: ‘They were hurling homophobic slurs 

and allegedly saying things like: ‘We got a new president you

fucking faggots”.’

Later that evening, he left the bar alone and was reportedly 

jumped by a group of men in an alley way.

One of the attackers smashed a bottle over Chris’ head 

before he fell back and hit his head on the pavement – 

causing him to black out.

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