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Feed Your Brain....and boost your memory and Memory

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Its always been said that you are what you eat. to boost your brain and mood here are 15 foods you should be eating:

1, Leafy greens - rocket, watercress and spinach are full of vitamins C, K and B as well as the minerals calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium and zinc.

2, Oily cold water fish - these are high in Omega 3.Image result for fresh oily cold water fish

3, Beef, mutton and lamb - a great source of brain fats when eaten in moderation.

4, Nuts - a great source of good fats plus protein and brain nutrients such as selenium.

5, Olive oil.

6, Seeds such as sunflower, sesame and chia.

7, Coconut oil - contains a beneficial saturated fat plus anti-microbial and anti-fungal and anti-viral function.

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8, Avocados - packed with vitamins, fibre and minerals.

9, Colourful vegetables such as sweet potatoes, peppers, carrots and tomatoes.

10, Brassicas - broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.Image result for broccoli cabbage

11, Artichoke - great for a big punch of fibre and detox nutrients.

12, Legumes - Lentils, peas and beans contain vitamins and minerals and also phyto-estroyens which helps to protect against different forms of cancer.
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13, Gluten free grains - rich in vitamins, minerals and protein.

14, Sprouted grains.

15, Berries.

.....and what to avoid eating( and drinking) too much of:

1, Fried food such as chicken nuggets, fried chicken and meat and chips.

2, Refined carbohydrates - sweets, pastries, biscuits, cakes and milk choculate.

3, Fizzy drinks - with or without sugar.

4, Alcohol - excess has been linked to poor brain function.

(credit Delia McCabe, Daily Mail)

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