Sunday, 23 October 2016

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Driver breathalysed after terrorising town in tiny plastic car
Driver breathalysed after terrorising town in tiny plastic car
Officers are being really tough on drink-driving this year (Picture: Cheshire Police)
You can’t accuse the police of not doing a thorough job with their latest drink-driving crackdown.
Officers in Cheshire stopped and breathalysed this motorist – and it was lucky they did, because she had drank ‘a couple of bottles’ before getting behind the wheel.
Fortunately, no one was in danger, because the driver in question was a toddler racing around the area in a pink plastic car.
Police tweeted the photo with the caption: ‘Officers asked the driver’s parents if she had been drinking. They replied she’d had a couple of bottles that morning.’
Nantwich Police replied: ‘A little reckless to allow the driver to remain in the vehicle with keys in ignition! Would be an interesting pursuit.’
The BBC reported that officers had been trying to seize a genuinely uninsured vehicle in Runcorn.
But they were interrupted by the cheeky youngster and couldn’t resist the opportunity to pull her over.
They pretended to breathalyse her – but after passing the test she was free to go.
(source Metro)

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