Tuesday, 6 June 2017

10 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around

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Not all days start off well, and some of them might end a little worse. Small, trivial things can trigger bad days like sleeping past the alarm, getting into a spat with your partner, or spilling mustard on your shirt. But you don’t need to stress if your day seems to be zapping your energy or making you unhappy or frustrated. Here are 10 simple things that can help you turn a bad day around.

Journal About What is Causing the Bad Day
Sometimes the best way to relieve stress and tension that result from a bad day is journaling about what caused it. This will enable you to understand why you are having a bad day, and what you can do to turn it around. You might find yourself happier and stress-free after writing about your day.

Cook a Meal
Cooking is one of the best activities you can enjoy in order to turn a bad day around. It will allow you to focus on preparing that specific recipe, and you will find yourself more relaxed after you are done.

Watch a Funny Movie
Laughing can help you release endorphins, which will invariably lead you to feeling better, even though your day was pretty bad. You can choose from a wide range of films.

Go For a Run
Exactly as laughing, running can contribute to releasing endorphins and decreasing cortisol production, thereby resulting in no stress. If your day is bad, go for a run and you will start feeling better immediately.

Close Your Eyes and Breathe
Using various breathing techniques can allow you to calm down and make your day better. Close your eyes, clear your mind and focus on your breathing. In a minute or two, your mind will be clearer and less burdened by everyday struggles.

Grab a Bite of Chocolate
Everyone loves chocolate, and taking a bite can make you feel happier and turn a bad day around in minutes. Whether we talk about dark or milk chocolate, all options will make your life sweeter.

Ask For a Hug
Feeling physically close to another human being will help you feel better. Ask for a hug, and you will definitely start to forget about your bad day and everything that went wrong.

Make a Gratitude List
Even though you might not be thinking about this too often, there are many things that you should be grateful for. Make a gratitude list, as this will show you that there is no reason to feel down just because of a bad day!

Caress Your Pet
Studies have showed that caressing a pet can help individuals feel loved and release stress. If you have a cat or dog, start caressing or even play with them and your day will become better.

Listen to Music
Music has the treasured ability to lift your spirits, distracting your attention from everyday problems. If your day was bad, grab your headphones and listen to your favorite songs.


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